About Us

Funded entirely by donations and organised by local volunteers, we've grown lots since 2013 but our values and beliefs remain the same; connections is the life, kindness and energy between us all. People want to give and bring about positive change in their communities.

Today, our work ranges from Christmas dinners to projects in schools. We are always looking for new supporters and new ways to make life better for local people. If you want to get involved or know people who could benefit from our project, please get in touch with us here.

Kindness & Co was set up in 2013 we will never forget our first Christmas dinner. The aim was to provide a dinner to people who would otherwise spend the day alone. This seemed like a pretty good goal to have and achieve. We quickly realised that this event meant much more. It clearly met the needs of the community and brought people together. Those that wanted to get involved were able to engage in a way that suited them. Families arrived with their children on Christmas Eve to peel vegetables, wrap and deliver gifts. Christmas Day morning arrived, and the local village hall was once again filled with the willingness and generosity of the community. Adults and children worked together to set out tables ready for guests, all eager to be involved they would take time and pride to make sure the experience was amazing for all. Generosity and goodwill was in abundance.