I want to make a basket, what’s the next step?

Check out our ‘what goes in a baby basket’ document which tells you everything you need to know about how to make up a baby basket. Once you’ve got everything you need, look on our website or Facebook page to see when the next Drop Off date is. Simply drop off your basket with us and we do the rest.

Our next Drop Off day is Saturday 28th March 9am - 12noon at 4a High Street, South Anston. 

I have lots of second hand baby items, can I give them to you?

All our baskets have to be new and include new items only. We accept separate donations of baby clothes, however we can only use items which are

  • Age 0-6 months 

  • In very good condition, i.e. No stains or holes


We also accept donations of the following items if they are in really good condition

  • Prams 

  • Baby baths

  • Maternity clothes and breast feeding clothes

  • Sterilisers


Items not listed here cannot be accepted, such as toys, bouncers, breast pumps etc. If the item you would like to donate is not listed above, please consider donating to an organising who can accept these items, taking them to a charity shop or giving away for free on a site like Shpok or Facebook Marketplace.

I don’t want to make a full basket but want to donate individual items towards a basket, e.g. packs of nappies. Can I do this?

Absolutely. Check out the next Drop Off date on our website and bring your items then. Items we can accept are

  • Packs of nappies

  • Baby wipes

  • Cotton wool

  • Maternity pads / sanitary towels

  • Baby grows

  • New cellular baby blankets

  • New dummies

  • New baby bottles

  • Breast pads